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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

CLC 'C' language Coding Help - Useful Web Links Page

Note: ( Local ) links mean that the side4linux IDE needs to be installed on this machine to be read.
Note: ( Local, DVD ) links require installation of the 'DVD' version of side4linux.

Intro to C                                            -- Introduction to C course ( Internet )
C Programming Reference                 -- Introduction to C course ( Internet )
Programmers Heaven                         -- All sorts of programming help! ( Internet )
Intro to C guide                                   -- Introduction to C text file ( Local )
Intro to C Book                                   -- Introduction to C text Book, HTML ( Internet )
Intro to C++ Book                              -- Introduction to C++ text Book, PDF ( Local DVD )

You can also access direct help from a terminal, say you want information on the function printf()

Open a terminal and type:   info printf

use the up and down arrows to read what's there then type 'q' to quit.