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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

GTKCGL3 'C' language Coding Help using "OpenGLtm" ( Requires at least GTK 2.16, Glade 3.6.3 and the OpenGLtm libs 'GL' and 'GLU' )

Note: To use the (local) links download the latest GNOMEC help package from this project's download area, untar and install.

Get the latest copy and refer to the file 'Instal Instructions.txt' near the bottom for help in installing 'Help' packages.

Note: (local) links only work when Firefox is launched from the IDE! ( Help>Help Browser )

Compiler Directives
Quick 'C' Function Help
glibc Functions -- (local)
Glib Functions -- (local)
ATK Functions -- (local)
Pango Functions -- (local)
Gobject Functions -- (local)
GDK Functions -- (local)
GDK-Pixbuf Functions -- (local)
GTK Functions -- (local)
Gnome Canvas -- (local)
Xll/Xlib Technical Manual -- (local)
GTK - The GIMP Toolkit (Internet)  
Linux Help (Internet)

Internal Library Documentation: ( used by side4linux tools but usable elsewhere under the conditions of the GPL )

libStringDB  -- (local)
Extra string library used by the side4linux tool set.
( /opt/Side/CommonHelp/InternalLibs/libStringDB )
libgtkglS4L -- (local)
GTK GLarea widget library.
( /opt/Side/CommonHelp/InternalLibs/GTKOGL/Docs/libgtkglS4L/Docs/html )
libdraw3dS4L -- (local)
3D graphics support library.
(  /opt/Side/CommonHelp/InternalLibs/GTKOGL/Docs/libdraw3dS4L/Docs/html )


Note: Use demos with GTK greater than GTK 2.15 only!

Demo-1     -- Create, Compile and Run your first GTK Builder OpenGLtm program!.
Demo-2     --
Load, Compile and Run the 'Sample1' project's visuals.
Demo-3      -- Load, Compile and Run the 'Sample2' project's visuals.
      -- ( Not yet available! )

Useful Links