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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

side4linux is

side4linux is beta software that has been under development for only a short while. It works fairly well but be prepared for the occasional crash by saving complete copies of your Product directories to a different location. Remember, save early and save often !!

As you are aware from the use of the GPL
side4linux is provided free of charge and is open source, this is our way of thanking the programming community for the wonderful range of Open Source tools that we use daily.

Please note that instead of reinventing the wheel we have set
side4linux up as a program launcher so some features cannot work unless these additional programs are installed, be sure to have the following in your execution PATH to try everything,
side4linux is meant for GNOME friendly distributions like Debian, Ubuntu or SUSE. You may find that if you use Mandrake (or other KDE dominant distributions) additional Gnome libraries may need to be downloaded and installed.

As an example of what side4linux can do please view the following graphic which outlines the Machine Controller (MC-1)  that we are designing,

Machine Controller Overview

If you are new to Linux and anything above scares you then click on this LINK to a Linux Help Website, download the compressed file copy of the site and keep it for later reference!

Enjoy! and may the Open Source be with you!

David Burke, Adelaide, South Australia, 2009.