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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

AVRC 'C' language Coding Help for Atmel AVR Microprocessor chips.

Note: (Local, DVD) links require installation of the 'DVD' version of side4linux.

Note: To use the (local) links download the latest AVRC help package from this project's download area, untar and install.

Get the latest copy and refer to the file 'Instal Instructions.txt' near the bottom for help in installing 'Help' packages.
If your (local) links stop working properly then make sure you have the latest Support and Help packages loaded!

Note: (local) links only work when Firefox is launched from the IDE! ( Help>Help Browser )

Chip Programming (local)

binutils  (local)                                 -- The GNU AVR assembler 'as', linker 'ld' etc. etc. (local)
Compiler Directives
avr-libc Functions (local)

(Local DVD)                        -- Rebuilding the AVRC Toolchain using the side4linuxDVD
Demo-1                                              -- Load, Compile and Run the 'Hello World' project.
Demo-2                                              -- How to use side4linux to make your own Product.

Useful Links