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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

Coding Help

Note: the 'ARM7-TDMI' based 'MC-2' advanced machine controller ( when released! ) and other goodies will be on the 'DVD' version because of the size of the Support and Help packages. This 'DVD' will include all of the standard stuff downloadable from the 'Sourceforge' site plus non-free inclusions and extra goodies to support 32bit embedded Products like compiler Toolchains, 3d CAD/CAM etc. Therefore where you see the (Local, DVD) link qualification you will know that there is no need to click on them unless you have installed the 'DVD'. This is just a realisation of the amount of data traffic, time and expense that we wish to avoid as the Project expands.

Copies of the 'DVD' version is available from Adelaide Aeromotive Pty. Ltd

Because of the proposed introduction of the 'MC-2' (which will also double as a general purpose Real Time Operating System board) we have created new Vision and Mission Statements to provide further guidance on the use of the 'DVD' version.

Further along we intend to develop an ARM9 board that will run Linux, this will provide for an advanced Operator Console 'OC-1'.

ANCA style 'G-code' projects (ANCA)

Atmel AVR microprocessor assembler projects (AVRA)

Atmel AVR microprocessor 'C' projects (AVRC)

Command line 'C' projects (CLC)

Gnome 'C' projects (GNOMEC)

Gnome 'C' projects with "Open GLtm" extensions (GNOMECGL)

GTK 'C' projects (GTKC)

GTK 'C' projects with "Open GLtm" extensions (GTKCGL3)

PCB and Schematic Projects using 'pcb' and 'gEDA' (PCBS)

ARM microprocessor 'C' projects (ARMC) (Local, DVD)

AA docs  (Local, AA R&D Division)