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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

Suggested Directory Usage and 'side4linux' Install Guide

If you are installing from the 'DVD' then please follow the Manual provided with the disc.
If you are installing from the 'Sourceforge' site then please read all of that which is presented below.

While building the IDE you should use the following recommended procedures,
  1. If your username were 'fred' you need to create the directory '/home/fred/Data/Projects'
  2. Unpack the source TAR file into the '/home/fred/Data/Projects' directory to create '/home/fred/Data/Projects/SIDE'
  3. Ensure you follow the instructions on how to set the 'side4linux' config file '/home/fred/.side-dir-config/sideproject.cfg'
  4. Read the files that are unpacked next to the 'SIDE' directory structure particularly Instal Instructions.txt
  5. Also read the file PackageContents.txt to see what extras you are getting.
  6. If you have the full set of GNOME libraries installed and Glade-2/Glade-3 then, (or refer to point 9 if you are not sure)
  7. then add a 'launcher' to your desktop pointed at      /opt/Side/bin/side4linux M
  8. and your done!
  9. If you are not sure about having the minimum libraries needed for 'side4linux' or this is your first go at GNOME,
  10. do the 'C' practical  setup C build environment.txt which needs the 'avra' TAR package available from the avra website
  11. then do the 'GNOME' practical setup GNOME build environment.txt which will install 'side4linux' and GNOME libraries for you manually.
  12. If you are upgrading to a newer version then follow the upgrade instructions in Upgrading Instructions.txt
  13. If some of your 'Tools' are not working and we have provided them then change to each 'Tool' Project using the IDE and
    1. 'Build>Autogen Project' ,
    2. 'Build>Configure Project' ,
    3. 'Build>Make Clean'
After install the 'side4linux' IDE directories would be (if your username was 'fred') in the following directory as..


This will set the IDE's 'BASE' directory and will then be broken down into the Product and Project directories as follows,
So the 'side4linux' project directory would then be /home/fred/Data/Projects/SIDE/TOOLS/SIDEtools/GNOMEC/side4linux
and the 'side4linux' source directory would then be /home/fred/Data/Projects/SIDE/TOOLS/SIDEtools/GNOMEC/side4linux/src

The 'TREE' would now look something like this ( Product = 'SIDEtools' in the 'TOOLS' Product Area folder ),


The IDE builds new projects with this tree in mind from the 'BASE' directory '/home/fred/Data/Projects/SIDE' but you may assign the base directory something else,
e.g. /home/fred which will make /home/fred/SIDE/.... but be sure to alter the
'side4linux' config file' to suit! Some people will just want to 'cherry pick' certain elements from the entire project and coble them together their way which is OK provided you follow the conditions laid out in the GPL but DO NOT BOTHER US with resulting Bug Reports !!!
Your System Administrator may not like you either because we have made it easy to know where your files are stored so that automatic backup to the Main Server will be easier. This could be of use to you if your workstation crashes!

Do not forget to modify the 'side4linux' config file '/home/fred/.side-dir-config/sideproject.cfg' during the first installation and remember that there needs to be a
'side4linux' config file in every user's home directory on this computer configured to their home directory!

You may have multiple IDE's open, one for the Help, one to just look at Glade visuals, one to do the editing, one to look at files in another Project etc. etc. but do not fall for the old one of saving or building the same files from different invocations!

Please Note: We aim to please, if something in these pages appears wrong, poorly explained or is not covered then,
provide us with some Feedback !!