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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

side4linux Vision and Mission Statements, 'DVD' version

Our Vision

The Mission

To action our Vision for the 'DVD' version of 'side4linux' we will,

Road Map,
  1. Establish the side4Linux 'DVD' with the 'Sourceforge' version's content.
  2. Add compiling support for ARM 'C' projects.
  3. Add 'MC-2' Product.
  4. Add sample conversion of a 'Bridgeport 2' vertical axis milling machine.
  5. Add real time operating system ( RTOS ) kernel to the 'MC-2' Product.
  6. Add 'Milldrive' program to finally connect to a Milling machine.
  7. Add 3d CAM program, 'Bdesign3D'.
  8. Add 3d molding die support to the 3d modeler 'Bdesign3D'.
  9. Add 3d profile examiner, 'Bmach3d'.
  10. Add robot welding machine Product. (RW-1).
  11. Add 'Robodrive' program to finally connect to a Robot welding machine.
  12. Add 'OC-1' Project.
  13. Add POSIX[2] style kernel and Distribution to run on the OC-1.

Progress Statement:  'We are now at step 2 in the Road map, DVD updates will announced at six month intervals.'

side4linuxDVD NEWS

Note: (Local, DVD) links only work if the DVD is installed!

Dec 12, 2008   --- Version 0.3 of the side4linuxDVD released.
Aug 5, 2008   --- Added Linux version of TiRos API example to  SIDE/PRODUCTS/MC2/CLC/Tiros_api_test

Aug 3, 2008   --- Created libTiRos for use as an internal library for static linking into either Linux or ARMC projects.

TiROS, the Tickless Real-Time Operating System will be ported to the
  Atmel ARM7TDMI architecture for use as the MC2's RTOS.
Jun 30,
2008 --- Version 0.2 of the side4linuxDVD released.
Apr 20, 2008 --- Preliminary test version of Bdesign3D added.
  Note: This is still under development and is not currently usable!
  Put in for evaluation critique only. Read ANCA Demo-2 for latest Specs.
Apr 10, 2008 --- 3d drawing library started/added as a library as 'libdraw3dS4L'.
Nov 30,
2007 --- Version 0.1 of the side4linuxDVD released.
Nov 11,
2007 --- CodingHelp/ARMC/Demo-2  added (Local, DVD), how to debug an ARM 'C' program using 'Insight'.
Nov 01,
2007 --- CodingHelp/AVRC/Demo-0  added (Local, DVD), Rebuilding the AVR Toolset.
Oct 21,
2007 --- Added AVR 'C' Toolchain ( avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-libc, avr-gdb, avr-insight ) to the DVD.
Oct 20,
2007 --- CodingHelp/ARMC/Demo-1  added (Local, DVD), Rebuilding the ARM Toolset.
Oct 12,  2007 --- Added ARM 'C' Toolchain ( arm-elf-binutils, arm-elf-gcc, arm-elf-newlib, arm-gdb, arm-insight ) to the DVD.
Oct 10,
2007 --- Added experimental ARM 'C' project support to the IDE.
Aug 18,  2007 --- Added 'SourceForge' content to DVD.
Aug 16,  2007 --- Added 'DVD' version Build Scripts.

[1] "Linux" is the registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds.
[2] "POSIX"
is the registered trade mark of the Open Group.