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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

side4linux Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

The vision is to create an Integrated Development Environment that provides all of the resources necessary to build and maintain machine controllers via the Linux[1] Operating System. The project will be free to use/alter and distribute under the terms of the GPL, and free as in beer.

The Mission

To action our Vision we will,

[1] "Linux" is the registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds.

Road Map,
  1. Establish the IDE with some sample tools.
  2. Add assembler support for AVR microprocessors.
  3. Add compiling support for G-code Projects.
  4. Add compiling support for 'C' projects.
  5. Add Project file Addition/Subtraction support for 'C' projects.
  6. Complete implementing the 'Code Explorer' notebook.
  7. Add Schematic and PCB support for use in designing and making the machine controller.
  8. Add Open GL support for the introduction of 3d projects.
  9. Add generic support for the manufacture of 'Products'
  10. Add Atmel AVR machine tool controller ( MC-1 ) Product.
  11. Add AVR 'C' coding support.
  12. Add Bipolar Stepper Motor Board PCBS Project to the MC1 Product.
  13. Add 'Lathedrive' program to connect to a Lathe machine as a 'SIDEtools' Tool.
  14. Add sample conversion of a 'Boxford 125 TCL' training computer lathe.
Progress Statement: 'We are now at step 12 in the Road map. Updates will be at six month intervals.'
Please refer to the 'DVD' version for additional work on the side4linux Project.