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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

PCBS Coding Help for Printed Circuit Boards and their Schematic diagrams.

Note: To use the PCBS facility and the (local) links download the latest PCBS support package from the 'side4linux' download area, untar and install by running 'Build.sh' as super user . You also need to meet the following requirements first,
(these are probably already present or could be installed using your Package Manager)

Scheme scripting library         - GUILE V1.6.7 or later.
Stroke gesture library             - libstroke V0.5.1-dev or later
PNG library                              - libpng V1.2.1 or later.
Compression library                - zlib V1.1.4 or later.
autotools                                  - autoheader, automake, autoconf, aclocal
libgd                                         - get the binary from your package manager or available to compile from http://www.libgd.org
gawk ( or mawk )

Notice the 'dev' packages. By selecting these with your package manage you will be getting all of the header or 'h' files and it will pull in any libraries associated. If you are unfortunate in not getting the pcb and gEDA programs to work then start the IDE in a terminal and look for error messages for missing files or libraries. If this fails then contact David Burke ( address on the home page of this website ).

Get the latest
PCBS support package and refer to the file 'Instal Instructions.txt' near the bottom for help in installing 'Support' packages. If your (local) links stop working properly then make sure you have the latest Support and Help packages loaded!

Note: (local) links only work when Firefox is launched from the IDE! ( Help>Help Browser )
Note: The PCBS facility is built using GNOME so ensure that you have a complete GNOME Build Environment, if not then,
  1. Do the 'C' practical  setup C build environment.txt which needs the 'avra' TAR package available from the avra website
  2. Then do the 'GNOME' practical setup GNOME build environment.txt which will install 'side4linux' and GNOME libraries for you manually.
Overview  -- The steps required to make a printed circuit board from scratch using side4linux, gEDA and pcb.

Demo-1      -- Create a new PCBS Project (Try1) based on 'Sample2' and complete the schematics.
Demo-2      -- Layout the Printed Circuit Board and create the Gerber files for the 'Try1' Project PCB.
Demo-3      -- Build the programming PCB for the Machine Controller using Gerber track isolation methodology.
Demo-4      -- Assemble the programming PCB and programming cable for the Machine Controller.
Demo-5      -- Introducing our 'guinea pig' for the 'Lathedrive1' Project, a 'Boxford 125 TCL' training computer lathe.
Demo-6      -- Tour of the 'MC1' Machine Controller PCB.
Demo-7      -- Assemble the Machine Controller for the 'Lathedrive1' Project..
Demo-8        -- Program the 'MC1' Machine Controller with the AVR assembly code 'Debug' monitor.
Demo-9        -- Communicate with the
'MC1' Machine Controller CPU board via the 'Bterm' program.
Demo-10      -- Talk to the MC-1 CPU via the B2term program to check out the Serial Link.
Demo-11      -- Complete an interface board to drive some bipolar stepper motors, ( Not yet available! )
Demo-12      -- Connect and test the complete 'MC1' Machine Controller. ( Not yet available! )
Demo-13      -- Let us modify a 'Bridgeport 2' milling machine. ( Not yet available! )
Demo-14      -- Let us make a welding robot!. ( Not yet available! )

gEDA Documentation (local)                                     gEDA Website
pcb Documentation (local)                                        pcb Website

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