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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

Frequently Asked Questions - IDE

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IDE crashes on clicking Build when using the 'C' compiler!

If the IDE crashes on clicking 'Build' then reopen the Project and read the 'output.txt' file in the top directory of the Project for clues to what caused the crash! You may wish to just edit the source file responsible and issue the 'make' command from a terminal in the top directory of your Project until you fix the problem. Look for assigning non-existent addresses or badly formed arrays, particularly strings  etc. in your source code (most likely cause) if this does not help then leave a message in the forums on the SourceForge Project site.

G-code compiler does strange things when I click on Build in an ANCA Project!

Make SURE that the 'ANC' file is current in the Notebook before attempting a Build !! This can be done by left clicking on the text with the mouse prior to clicking Build. This is necessary because unlike other Project Types there can be more than one 'Primary Project Build File' (one item being machined may have many operations so there are usually many 'ANC' files to select from).

When I am trying to create a new GNOME Project it fails!

Make sure that when the Glade2 program comes up that you click on 'Build' in the main Glade window and then close the Glade program, this creates the 'autogeneration' files needed to proceed with the Project build process for GNOME. Also remember that the Project name must be a valid UNIX filename, it cannot contain characters that cannot form a valid filename/directory or that is unaceptable to the 'autotools' system such as a dash '-'.

When I look at the new 'C' Project the File Explorer is Blank?

Yes the new Project is made but you need to close and re-open
it to allow the IDE to check it out and filter out the information that it needs. This applies to any other Project Types and also to new files as well!

When I try to open a file in the IDE's Notebook it opens but no text is displayed!

If the file has some content and it is a text file then it is probably not in 'UTF8' encoding. Open the file in the 'gedit' text editor and if it displays OK then click on File>Save As and save it with 'UTF8' encoding. Close the file and re-try opening it in the IDE.

When I copy the Project using Project>Save Project As, the Title has not changed in the new Program!

The new program's title is set on Glade building the XML file.

Open the Glade2 program from the IDE in the new project ('Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Visuals with Glade') and click on 'Build' then close Glade and click on 'Build' in the IDE and test your program again. You may need to do an 'Autogen/Make Clean' as well in some cases.

When I copy the 'NEW' Project I am still in the 'Old' Project?

Yes, you need to close the current project that you have used as a template and open the new Project.

IDE not launching one of the Tools when a click on it!

This sounds like the IDE is running but a Tool is either not installed or is failing to launch. Check the specific Tool Help in the FAQ for more info on Tools and also check that the 'Support Package' needed to make that Tool available is loaded. Try calling the Tool from the command line in a terminal and read the launch error messages to gather hints as to why an installed Tool will not run. Read some of the Demo's provided in the Help to see what Support Packages are needed for the job you are trying to do. Try launching the IDE from a terminal and then see if there are any launch messages being sent to stdout or stderr.

If stdout shows the following for Tools needing 'SUDO' permission ( e.g. for launching 'dbavrprog' the Atmel AVR chip programmer provided),

        Launch cmd = |gksudo /home/db/Data/Projects/SIDE/TOOLS/SIDEtools/GNOMEC/Dbavrprog/src/dbavrprog
        /home/db/Data/Projects/SIDE/PRODUCTS/MC1/AVRA/Latherun /home/db/Data/Projects/SIDE atmega128 8|
        /etc/sudoers is mode 0640, should be 0440

        You can see between the  starting '|'  and ending '|' the full command issued by the IDE followed by the error message issued by the System,

        '/etc/sudoers is mode 0640, should be 0440'

         on the next line therefore in this particular case the command to launch the chip programmer via the 'gksudo' program
is correct but the
         the Operating System refused to take it further because the file 'permissions' for the '/etc/sudoers' file are not correct.

         Keep in mind that once the 'gksudo' program has refused you there may not be any further error messages as you are now locked out!
         You may need to re-boot the system before any further progress can be made!

If you do not have the 'permissions' to run some Tools or you are not entered into the '/etc/sudoers' file then read PCBS Demo-8.

Why does my code look 'kludgy' in the Notebook?

If the text on your Notebook page looks like....

instead of this...

you need to load the 'Free Mono' True Type display fonts!

Search for 'free mono' in your Package Manager and select something like..



Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono Truetype fonts
A set of free high-quality TrueType fonts covering the UCS
character set. These fonts are similar to the (in)famous Helvetica,
Times and Courier fonts.

The Print function does not print!

Check that you have a 'Default' printer otherwise when the IDE calls the 'lp' program you may get an error on the command line such as'

"no destination set"

Make sure that you have a file to print open in the Notebook and click on the page to ensure that it is 'current' and try the Print command again!