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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's first:

How much does 'side4linux' cost?   Answer: Nothing! Nada! Zip!
How much is the License Fee?   Answer: There is no License fee!
Must I pay someone to provide 'side4linux'?   Answer: No! Download it from the website at !!
Can you provide 'Professional' versions?   Answer: Sorry, no but you can get the side4linuxDVD which includes free email help.
Can others
provide 'Professional' versions?   Answer: Refer to the License conditions provided for your use of side4linux.
Can we donate money to the Project?    Answer: No, but we believe '' accepts donations.
What if I cannot find an answer here?   Answer: Leave a message in the Help Forums of the Project, you WILL get a reply!

Old side4linux Project NEWS  (News originally posted on the front page of the side4linux website)

Context sensitive FAQ's Next:

Building Projects
Tools - Toolbar
Tools - gEDA
Tools - pcb
Tools - gerbv
Tools - Bmach2d
Tools - Bmach3d
Tools - G2/G3 Arc Calculator
Tools - Bolt Circle Calculator
Tools - Module Gear Calculator
Tools - DP Gear Calculator
Tools - ASCII Chart
Tools - Avrsim
Tools - Milldrive
Tools - Lathedrive
Tools - Robodrive
Tools - Bdesign3d
Tools - avra
Tools - Help Browser
Tools -
Tools -
Tools -