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Frequently Asked Questions - Tools-Toolbar

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After clicking on the 'Sch>>Pcb' toolbar button the terminal window opens but nothing else!

Yes there is possibly a problem with not finding a pcb 'footprint'. Cancel the terminal window and look in the output window for possible error messages like,

'stdin:1: /usr/bin/m4: Bad expression in eval: (1* - /2)/100'

If there is then you may need to open the 'pcb' program and call up each footprint name that you have just added to a schematic page using the footprint library editor and check them. Specific instructions for this should be in the tool tip if you hover the mouse cursor over the toolbar button. Try to make small changes and then 'DRC' and also 'Sch>>Pcb' so that your task can be minimised to just a small area.

After 'Sch>Pcb' the board is created OK yet it shows a failure result in the Status Bar at the bottom!

The script can show a failure even when there are only warnings so read the Output Window and decide for yourself! You should read the output anyway in case the script exited OK by deciding to delete one of your components e.g. for missing or not finding a PCB footprint to match Geda's footprint tag! You could also get an error for the pin type e.g. connecting an I/O pin to an OUT pin. The script reports this as a warning and exits with error but this is OK provided that you set the I/O pin to INPUT when you program the chip in question.