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side4linux, a simple integrated development environment!

Old side4linux Project NEWS
originally posted on the front page of the side4linux website

Jun 11, 2009 -- Version 0.1.2 released.

This release adds 'include' library searching and also support for GTKBUILDER projects in the GTKCL section.
This requires at least GTK-2.16 and Glade-3.6.3 to work properly!

Mar 19,  2009 -- Added CodingHelp/CTKC/Demo-1
Apr 23,  2009 -- Added GTK sample project to SIDE/DEMOS/SIDEdemos/GTKC for a working copy of the 'About' project.
Feb 20,  2009 -- Added the 'libTiROS' Support package to the Download section of the website.
This is the static library port of 'TiROS the Tickless Real Tiome Operating System' which will be used for embedded targets
such as AVR and ARM projects.
Current version just includes the posix 'API' test from the TiROS Samples as a 'proof of concept' demo.
Jan 26, 2009 -- Added the GTKC project type for using GTK Builder, this builds the visual interface from an
XML description file created by Glade-3.5 at run time..
This requires GTK-2.16 and Glade-3.5 to work and is only Experimental at this time!!!
Note: Odd versions of Glade are the developmental versions and will be unstable!
You should install GTK-2.16 then there is a file to read on getting and installing Glade-3.5 (Local) to
opt/Side/bin so that it will not clobber your current, stable version of Glade-3.4.
Jan 21,  2009 -- The Notebook side tabs now activate/de-activate depending on the Project type.
e.g. the 'Visual' tab is
de-activated in CLC projects as there are no visual widgets on the command line.
Jan 20,  2009 -- The IDE has been modied to allow the entry of 'include' directories in 'C' projects.
This allows users to specify additional directories where the compiler can look for needed 'h' files.
Doing so allows the use of dynamically linked libraries such as libglib etc. where the needed 'h' files
( such as 'glib.h' ) may be somewhere other than the standard 'include' search path.
Jan 16,  2009 -- The IDE has been modified to remove various compile time warnings while installing/upgrading the side4linux package.

Dec 11, 2008
-- Version 0.1.1 released.                                                                                                                                                                           

This is a bugfix release to stabilise the platform prior to further enhancement.

This will be the last version that offers any support for GTK 2.8 and GTK 2.10,
we will now begin to move our focus onto GTK 2.14 and the upcoming Glade 3.6

We intend to add GTK Builder support once Glade 3.6 is released, expect the 'GTKCL'
directory to be added in the next release for testing purposes only.

The 'tool set' provided with the IDE is getting on in age and I understand some will not
function properly with GTK 2.14, so expect a new 'build script' to be  added in the next
couple of releases. We are proposing to update the 'tool set' by converting them to GTK Builder applications.
This will cause problems I am sure with anything less than GTK 2.14 so we may need to take this one step at a
 time and react on any complaints as they come up. I guess there is a need to replace some tools in your collection
with the older ones if your GTK is complaining.  So keep copies of your current install in separate folders as a safeguard.

GTK 2.14 bleats out quite a number of warnings with this release but compiles and runs OK otherwise,
we will fiddle the code in future releases to lesson this symptom.

We keep getting complaints as to why we do
the install in the way that we do
and why we do not automagicly put the 'side4linux config file' into the user's directory on first install!
So our explanation is --->>

We can understand your wanting to setup the side4linux package in your

own way, this we must leave to users to do to suit themselves. We
provide instructions simply as one way to do things, this gives people
the opportunity to try the packages provided and then to determine their
value to them. We have strict occupational health and safety laws in
Australia so we are careful to set the IDE up so that only those with
suitable skills access all of the toolset provided, mainly by password
but also be removing, adding or substituting other versions of the
toolset. By making you setup and modify the 'config file' in the user's
directory space, we are forgoing any automatic install to provide total

Jun 21,   2008 -- Updates will now be at six month intervals as side4linux heads for production stable status
Jun 16,   2008 -- CodingHelp/CLC/Useful Links added. Useful Local and Internet links for command line C programming.

Jun 11,   2008
-- Version 0.1.0 released.                                                                                                                                                                           

Our first 'beta' release, side4linux is now two years old !
Apr 10,  2008
'libgtkgl' added as a library as 'libgtkglS4L' basic Mesa OpenGLTM GTK GL widget.
Apr 10,  2008 -- 'StringDB' converted to a library as 'libStringDB'
Apr   9,   2008 -- basic 'doxygen' documentation added in the 'Doc' directory of side4linux
Apr   6,   2008 -- side4linux IDE converted to glade-3 ( from version 0.1.0 ) .
You now need 'libglade' for the program to work.
The IDE still allows you to edit glade-2 programs.
Mar 28,   2008 -- CodingHelp/CLC/Demo-3 added. How to Link to an external dynamically linked library.
Mar 25,   2008 -- CodingHelp/CLC/Demo-2 added. How to Create and link to an internal statically linked library.
Mar 23,   2008 -- Added internal static library linking. ( CLC, GNOMEC,GNOMECGL ) for glade-3 only.
Mar 20,   2008 -- Added external dynamic library linking. ( CLC, GNOMEC,GNOMECGL ) for glade-3 only as glade-2 is deprecated.
Mar 14,   2008 --
Modified the 'Search Bar' of the IDE to be a drop down list so that the previous ten searches are kept for further use.
Re-arranged the Toolbar buttons to improve functionality.
Added 'Close' Toolbar button, saves current file in Notebook and then closes it.

Mar 11, 2008 -- Version 0.0.12 released.

This release marks the end of using 'Glade-2' as the Graphic User Interface builder.
We will now use 'Glade-3' for new Projects and Glade-2 for old ones.
This means that you will need to have the 'libglade' library loaded to run side4linux from now on ( already loaded if you are using Gnome ).
Reason is that Glade-2 generates 'C' code while Glade-3 does not ( uses libglade library at run time instead ).
To convert old Projects to new ones you must do the following ( save your Project to a safe place first ),
For new Gnome Projects using Glade-3 refer to CodingHelp/GNOMEC/Demo-3.

Why make the change now? Well Glade-2 development ended in 2005 and is now getting old enough to cause problems such as an increasing number of warnings in the code compilation plus new widgets in newer versions of GTK and Gnome are not present. Glade-3 is quite different from Glade-2 so a painless change over is not possible.
All side4linux Tools will be brought up to Glade-3 requirements eventually.

Feb 26, 2008  -- New version of the GNOMEC package released. GNOMEChelp-2008-2.tar.gz.
Feb 10, 2008  -- New version of the PCBS package released. PCBSsupport-2008-2.tar.gz
                             As this is more of a builder/installer you must have a working Gnome build environment running!
                             Check Instal Instructions.txt  near the bottom for the latest package requirements. In particular ensure that you have 'libgd' installed!

Feb  5, 2008   - CodingHelp/ANCA/Demo-2 updated. Preliminary specs for Bdesign3D program.
Jan 18, 2008   - CodingHelp/GNOMECGL/Demo-2 completed. How to  Load, Compile and Run the 'Bdesign' project's visuals, an OpenGL 3D Project.
Jan 14, 2008   - CodingHelp/GNOMECGL/Demo-1 completed. How to  Load, Compile and Run the 'Sample1' project's visuals, an OpenGL 2D Project.
Jan 12,
2008   - CodingHelp/GNOMEC/Demo-3 completed. How to add an 'About Box' using Glade-3 and how to change the Version number of your Project.
Jan 10, 2008   - CodingHelp/ANCA/Demo-3 completed.
Dec 20, 2007  - Overlay files in ANCA style Projects are now highlighted during editing in the Notebook.
Dec 18, 2007  - You can now alter the Project Version Number via 'Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Properties' from the Main Menu of the IDE.
Dec 8,   2007  - You can now update single lines in all 'C' Project files via 'Tools>Replace Line in ALL Project Files' from the Main Menu of the IDE.

Dec 11, 2007 - - Version 0.0.11 released... Merry Xmas! ( We have already started doing the 'rounds' of the the office Xmas parties!  :-)

We are adding a 'DVD' version of the 'side4linux' project that can be obtained from Adelaide Aeromotive Pty. Ltd.
This will contain a more stable version ( slightly older than current ) of the IDE and Toolset.
The AVRC Help has been altered so download it from the Sourceforge site --> AVRChelp-2007-12.tar.gz

Nov 30, 2007  -- Version 0.1 of the side4linuxDVD released.
Nov 12, 2007  -- CodingHelp/AVRA/Demo-2 completed.
Nov 11, 2007  -- CodingHelp/AVRA/Demo-1 updated.
Nov 09, 2007  -- CodingHelp/AVRC/Demo-2 added, how to create 'Products'
Sep 26, 2007  -- AVRC, building 'C' projects have been upgraded to allow building with binutils 2.17.
Sep 10, 2007  -- New version of the PCBS package released. This is just a maintenance release to allow building on
                             newer distributions such as Debian 4.0 [ Etch ].
                             As this is more of a builder/installer you must have a working Gnome build environment running!
                             Check Instal Instructions.txt  near the bottom for the latest package requirements.
Aug 18, 2007  - CodingHelp/ANCA/Demo-3 updated with more pictures.
Aug  11, 2007 -- Version 0.0.10 released...
              Mainly experimental support for AVR 'C' and alterations to make side4linux more general purpose.

You will need to download and install   'AVRChelp-2007-8.tar.gz' if you want the local links to work on the AVRC page.

****  side4linux is making a serious effort to become more 'general purpose'.
       So we have done the following in this release to progress this,

  1. The DB25 plug connections on the MC-1 Programmer have been changed to a pattern supported by the programming software 'avrdude'.
  2. ( warm up your soldering iron and change this immediately! ) Refer to PCBS Demo-4 Step-3 for details.
  3. The MC-1 CPU pcb has been modified.
  4. Basically the sixteen pin 'Auxiliary Port' connector has been changed to twenty pin to bring out all of the ATmega128 pins, even those not required for the Demos.
  5. This is a 'super set' of the sixteen pin version.
  6. Because of the modification to the MC-1 CPU pcb, the MC-1 Programmer pcb has also been changed.
  7. You can ignore this change ( except the DB25 plug connections! ) and everything still works for the old boards.
  8. Use the twenty pin pattern Auxiliary Port for new boards!
  9. The Machine Controller Manual has been updated to reflect these changes! (Version 1.6.1)
  10. Some PC's only have one serial port so 'Tools' can now be used with port number e.g. 'bterm 1' is second serial port.
  11. Serial port '0', the first port is the default if no port parameter is added e.g. 'bterm'.
  12. IDE Preferences, selection of communication serial port (0 or 1) can now be set, 'Preferences>IDE>Basic>ComPort'
  13. Selection of Current Microchip, Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Properties
  14. Setting of Current Microchip Xtal Frequency, Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Properties
July  30, 2007 -- DEMOS/ SIDEdemos/ PCBS /Demo-10, Talk to the MC-1 CPU via the Graphical B2term program.
July  21, 2007 --  Added the setting of Current Microchip Frequency, Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Properties
July  20, 2007 -- DEMOS/ SIDEdemos/AVRC /Demo-1, Setup AVR-C and do 'Hello World' example.
July  16,
2007 --  Added selection of Current Microchip, Project>Edit Project>Edit Project Properties
July    5, 2007 --  Chip programming page added to 'AVRA' and 'AVRC' Coding Help pages.
June 29, 2007 -- TOOLS/ SIDEtools/ GNOMEC/B2term , Graphical serial terminal for talking to the MC-1 CPU board added.
June 22, 2007 -- TOOLS/ SIDEtools/ CLC/Bterm , Terminal for talking to the MC-1 CPU board modified for serial port parameter.
June 19, 2007 -- Experimental support for 'AVRC' Projects added, use at own risk!!!!
June 16, 2007 -- DEMOS/ SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-3/4/6/7/9, Altered to comply with generalisation requirements.
June  11, 2007 -- Version 0.0.9 released. Mainly chip programming, User preferences and fixing bugs from adding 'Products'
You will need to download and install 
'AVRAhelp-2007-6.tar.gz' if you want the local links to work on the AVRA page.
                        ****  side4linux is now one year old!
May 27, 2007 -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-9, Communicate with the 'MC1' Machine Controller.
May 25, 2007 --TOOLS/SIDEtools/GNOMEC/Avrsim, Avrsim now has a stop button and now updates screen every cycle.
May 24, 2007 -- Prefernces/IDE/Editor, Added User picked Editor Font to preferences.
May 21, 2007 -- Prefernces/IDE/Editor, Added Default Editor Font to preferences.
May 20, 2007 -- Prefernces/IDE/Basic, Added Delay Value to preferences.
May 18, 2007 -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-8, Program the 'MC1' Machine Controller.
May 12, 2007 -- TOOLS/SIDEtools/GNOMEC/Dbavrprog, added new graphical chip programmer program to the IDE tools.
Apr  17, 2007 -- TOOLS/SIDEtools/CLC/Dbavrprog, removed old command line chip programmer program from the IDE tools.
Apr 11th. 2007    -- Version 0.0.8 released.
                          This version introduces 'Product Areas'. This means that the original Projects
                           are now divided into three Product Area groupings, 'DEMOS', 'PRODUCTS' and 'TOOLS'.
                           'DEMOS' are for demonstration Product
folders e.g. the side4linux demo projects in 'SIDEdemos'.
                           'PRODUCTS' for User Product folders plus 'MC1' our machine controller, which is why this website exists!
                           'TOOLS' for utility Tool Product
folders e.g. the side4linux tool sets in the 'SIDEtools' Product folder.

                          Each Product will still contain the same Project
directory structure of previous versions,

ANCA style G-code CAD/CAM projects (ANCA)
Atmel AVR microprocessor assembler projects (AVRA)
Atmel AVR microprocessor C projects (AVRC) ( Not yet implemented )
Command line C projects to be run in a terminal (CLC)
Gnome C visual program projects (GNOMEC)
Gnome C with Open GL 3d visual projects (GNOMECGL)
Printed Circuit Board project management for 'pcb' and 'gEDA' (PCBS)

                      We suggest that you re-read the following documentation plus affected Demo's,

                       Types of Products side4linux is designed for

                      Suggested directory usage and Install/Upgrade Guide

Mar 26, 2007 -- added an example programmer power supply circuit as, PRODUCTS/MC1/PCBS/Prog_power
Mar 14, 2007 -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-7, Assemble the 'MC1' Machine Controller Central Processing Unit.
Mar 10, 2007 -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-6, Tour of the 'MC1' Machine Controller Central Processing Unit.
Mar 9,  2007  -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/PCBS/Demo-4, Assemble the MC-1 Programmer PCB and cable for the Machine Controller.
Feb 25, 2007  -- The package build script 'Build.sh' is now in the top directory of the Package, you now build from here as user 'root'.
Feb 23, 2007  -- Machine Controller Product added, check out the PRODUCTS/MC1/PCBS/Mc1 directory
Feb 10, 2007  -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/ANCA/Demo-3, 2d simulation of millng a connecting rod for an engine using GCODE and Bmach2d.
Feb 9,  2007   -- DEMOS/SIDEdemos/ANCA/Demo-2, Basic introduction to Bdesign3d three dimensional modeler.
Feb 8th. 2007       -- Version 0.0.7 released, you will need to download the revised GNOME Help as well!
                                                    The latest copy is GNOMEChelp-2007-2a.tar.gz
Feb 4th. 2007       -- Demo-5 added to PCBS, intro to the lathe demo.
Feb 3rd. 2007       -- 'Mc1_programmer' Project added to PCBS, programmer board for the MC-1 Machine Controller.
Feb 2nd. 2007       -- Demo-3 added to PCBS, some PCB isolation cutting tricks.
Jan 30th. 2007      -- G-code compiler 'compileanca' rebuilt from scratch.
                                           Be careful to simulate raw code using Bmach2d before sending to a machine!!

Jan 18th. 2007      -- Bdesign3d added but does not do much yet.
Dec 18th. 2006     -- Bmach2d altered to display HPGL plot files.
Dec 16th. 2006     -- Added  'G70' command to G-code compiler and 'INCH/METRIC' commands to Overlays,
                                           G-code entries can now be in Metric or Imperial (Metric is Default).

December 12th. 2006     -- Version 0.0.6 released, Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!
                                                    Download and install the PCBS support package if you are doing PCB's!

December 1st. 2006         -- Not supported but released anyhow is the 'Serial1' Project, the partner to the prototype CPU board in
                                                 the PCBS folder.

November 26th. 2006      -- Check out 'Demo2' in the PCBS Coding Help section.  (Coding Help>PCBS>Demo2).
November 22nd. 2006      -- Output from the 'C' compiler now piped directly to the output window.
November 17th. 2006      -- Added ASCII chart into the Coding Help.
November 17th. 2006      -- Left clicking on 'C' functions in the File Explorer 'Files' tab now puts name into Quick Search Bar.
November 17th. 2006      -- Clear Button added to the Quick Search Bar at bottom of IDE.
November 16th. 2006      -- Check out 'Demo1' in the PCBS Coding Help section.  (Coding Help>PCBS>Demo1)
November 15th. 2006      -- Check out the 'Overview' demo in the PCBS Coding Help section.  (Coding Help>PCBS>Overview)
November 14th. 2006      -- Check out the 'Sample2' project in the PCBS Project section.  (Project>Open Project>PCBS>Sample2)
November 14th. 2006      -- Check out the 'Sample1' project in the PCBS Project section.  (Project>Open Project>PCBS>Sample1)
November 14th. 2006      -- Schematic and Printed Circuit Board layout support added. (You will need the PCBS support package as well).
November 12th. 2006   -- Version 0.0.5 released, you will need to download the revised GNOME Help as well!
November 7th. 2006     -- First version of the 'Bterm" terminal program released to the public for critique.
November 6th. 2006      -- First publicly released version of the Machine Controller Manual (v1.4) released to the general public for critique.
November 5th. 2006      -- New version of AVRA is out (V 1.2.0). Does a better job of error reporting, very recommended you upgrade!
November 4th. 2006      -- 'C' File Explorer now has functions listed in the 'Files' tab.
November 3rd. 2006      -- Demo-2 in the AVRA Coding Help covers the 'Debug Monitor' for the Machine Controller.
November 1st. 2006      -- New 'Sample2' in the 'AVRA' folder is the 'Debug Monitor' for the Machine Controller for you to critique.
October 22nd. 2006      -- Fixed bug that muddled the top three project types in create new project.
October 22nd. 2006      -- Added Search Bar at the bottom for quick text searches of the current Page in the Notebook.
October 22nd. 2006      -- AVRA failure messages now more obvious in the Output Window, now quits better on assembly fail.
October 20th. 2006       -- Improved new file prototype generation for all Project types.
October 12th. 2006       --  The prototype of the Bdesign3d Modeler is available for comment in the GNOMEGL folder as 'Sample2',
                                               click on 'ReDraw' and try the 'View 
Transformation' buttons like Rotate and Scale etc. along the bottom.
                                               Just draws a wireframe cube at the moment to test out the interface.

October 12th. 2006       --  Version 0.0.4 released, bug fixes for the IDE and project management support added for 'C' based Projects.
October 11th. 2006       --  Tentative 2d support for Open GL projects (GNOMEGL) added, checkout 'Sample1' in GNOMEGL folder.
October 10th. 2006       --  Project file management and Project rebuilding support for 'C' based projects added.
September 12th. 2006  -- 
Demo's for CLC and GNOMEC projects added to the 'Coding Help' section of the website.
September 12th. 2006  --  Version 0.0.3 released, many bug fixes and user requests added to the IDE.
August 17th. 2006          -- Help updated, click on 'Coding Help' and try the 'AVR' and 'ANCA style G-code' demo's!
August 14th. 2006         -- 
Version 0.0.2 released, check the download section of the Project on Sourceforge.
July 17th. 2006                -- Version 0.0.1 released, check the download section of the Project on Sourceforge.