side4linux, a simple integrated development environment for Linux!

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We are using side4linux to design, code and physically build a Machine Controller ( MC-1 or MC-2 ) for CNC metalworking Projects but side4linux can also be used for any electronic product requiring PCB design, AVR/ARM assembler and 'C' coding for Embedded Targets, general Linux 'C' coding for PC's or CAD/CAM for creating cut-files for 2d/3d machinery.
All within the Linux Gnome environment!

Note: (Local, DVD) links require installation of the 'DVD' version of side4linux.
Note: (Local) links require installation of side4linux.

    A brief tour of the Main Window
    Types of Products side4linux is designed for
    Vision and Mission Statements
    Vision and Mission Statements, DVD version
    Suggested directory usage and Install/Upgrade Guide
    Coding Help
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Machine Controller-1 Manual 
(Local) ( Warning: This is a work in progress! Current Version = 1.6.2)
    Machine Controller-2 Manual (Local, DVD)  ( Warning: This is a work in progress! Current Version = 0.0.6)
    Conditions of use
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Note: If you are upgrading to a newer version of 'side4linux' then read Upgrading Instructions.txt

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Dec 11, 2009 -- Version 0.1.3 released.

This release adds the
GTKBUILDER 3d project type "GTKCGL3"
so that people can use "Open GLtm" in their 3d 'C' Projects.

Nov 15,  2009
Added GTKCL3 Project Demo3 page to 'Coding Help'.
Oct 11,  2009
Added GTKCL3 Project Demo2 page to 'Coding Help'.
Oct 9,  2009
Added GTKCL3 Project Demo1 page to 'Coding Help'.
Aug 8,  2009 -- Added GTKCGL Demo3 project to the SIDEdemos folder called 'sample2'.
Aug 6,  2009 -- Added GTKGL Demo2 project to the SIDEdemos folder called 'sample1'.
Aug 5,  2009 -- Added GTKGL Demo1 project to the SIDEdemos folder called 'sample'.
Jul 31, 2009 -- Modified the GNOMECGL Sample Projects to use the new 3d support libraries.
Jul 29,  2009 -- Modified the GNOMECGL Help to use the new 3d support libraries.
Jul 28,  2009 -- Added GTKCL3 Project help page to 'Coding Help'.
Jul 24,  2009 -- Added Project type 'GTKCGL3' which is the "Open GLtm" GTKBUILDER 3d project type.
Caution, only experimental at this time!

Note: The freshest Help for 'side4linux' is on the project website!
Look there for the latest Demo's and Help guides and check out the FAQ for help on the various 'TOOLS' provided.

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